Thursday, July 24, 2008

What do a gas station, jumper cables and 2 oxygen tanks have in common???

Hello Folks!

I know you are all thinking...."what is up with this post title?" Well....picture my best girl friend Charlene Shawa and I at a gas station....we pause for a moment to talk, I get out and pump gas....the vehicle then refuses to crank...we search numerous outlets for jumper cables...and get nothing. We finally find some darling girl from Colorado...she hooks us up and cranks her vehicle and I go to crank mine and nothing happens....except smoke starts bellowing out from the jumper cables....and then they begin to burst into!!!!

I of course in fire mode remove the vera bags, cell phones and an ipod as well as 2 tanks of oxygen from the far from a gas station do you actually move 2 oxygen tanks so they will not blow??? Looking back...moving them now seems the time - not so much!!!!

Continue picturing with me a gas attendant tossing me a fire extinguisher and I put the fire out. Did I mention that we had both doors open and the sun roof open....yay for fire extinguisher dust!!!!!!

So, a serious detail job, a new battery and a $1700 estimate later here I am!!!!

At random points throughout the next day Charlene would look at me and say, "gas station, oxygen tanks, did we survive???" Precious!!!!

We are all finally back in Starkville. Bo and I spent the day organizing and cleaning....he did an excellent job and worked so hard! We had Rita and Jim and Nikki, Jeffrey, and Alli over tonight. Nikki and I cooked and we all had Wii therapy.

Spencer is actually quite the little Wii player. He actually beat me in boxing and Jeff in bowling....he is very competitive! Wonder where in the world he gets it!!!

Truman is having some issues...still working on the whole house training thing but got into the cat food 2 days ago and his belly is still not so right...if he is not better tomorrow will go vist Dr. Renee.

Ella is precious. She has discovered the outdoors...we were hoping to get her declawed but her newfound love for the outdoors has to go away first.

Carter is doing well. Still a nasty cough...but well none the less.

Am off to bed...


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