Sunday, April 5, 2009


So the last almost 4 weeks have been interesting. I have had some pregnancy bleeding. Not abnormal for me at all. Have bled all 5 pregnancies now! After an ER visit, and two doctors office visits and lots of bed rest it seems that Baby A has a small tear in the placenta. Could be nothing, could be somethng. We see the specialist on Tuesday in Memphis.

Bo has been a Super Man! Not only a great preacher but a Mr. Mom as well and a great husband as I have rested. We are currently at Le Bonheur. We broke our 15 month hospital free stretch on Thursday. Carter caught some strange cold and needed some observation at the hospital. Spencer has been with Rita and Jim and he also got the cold and was really sick. It has been hard being here on the couch not being able to take care of either son! Bo is currently on the couch after some dayquil. I am praying it is exhaustion and he is not getting sick! Here he is in the hospital eating food Amanda Newman brought....cheese sticks and chick fil a!!!

An interesting 4 weeks to say the least!!!!

That is our medical update....I will post some different post updating the other areas of our lives!



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