Friday, March 13, 2009


So we made it throught this week! The kids are not liking the cold front. It is seriously hindering their time outside. Spencer did enjoy some wading in our yard, it turns into a small pond everytime it rains. He said it was "so dude awesome!" He was so excited he had to change clothes from being soaked! I do not understand boys!!! Spencer, Carter and Bo all walk around hitting each other and making noises at each other....sometimes I just sit all confused wondering why they do the things they do!!!!

I am so very happy for my husband that he has his little men. I am excited to see what God has growing in my belly! I am not sure if we can handle two girls in our family but one of each sex would be nice....Bo and I actually are praying for 2 healthy healthy babies!

I am continuing to experience extreme exhaustion...I have rested more in this pregnancy over any of the other ones! Yikes! I am limited to smaller portions already due to double the fun in the utero!!! So I am eating more snacks. I also as always have a loss of IQ for the duration! It is one of the first ways I know I am pregant! I was in Georgia and looked at Charlene and said hand me the receipt....and she said, Lindy, it's a coupon....and we both knew I had better quickly go to Walmart for the test!!!!

Today has been slow. Carter and Alli went with me to Columbus to grab Carter's meds that have to be compounded. Spencer had art this morning. This afternoon Bo has been gracious and allowed me to rest...he rather made it rest! Bo is busy continuing to work on the parsonage. There is lots of trim work still to be done.....the next place we live Bo definately is praying we have to do zero work to live in the place! Even the house in Oxford we painted before moving in!!!

We will spend the rest of day hanging here and tomorrow do alot of the same...Sunday's are big days around here...

Praying you all have a great weekend!


The Picture is of the boys being silly and playing one night in the clothes basket!!!


Jan McMurphy said...

Just know that I am praying for you and your precious babies.We all know that God truly is in control. Take care and keep resting when you much as a mother can rest..LOL!!! Love ya!!

Loretta said...

We'll be praying for ya'll. I told Bryan that is ya'll ever need us for anything we are just down the road from you. Bryan is like family to us. My mother used to babysit him.