Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day


Today we had a snow day! It was great to wake up at 5:45ish to snow on the ground and then at 6ish to be in the bed with the boys watching the wild wind and the snow falling. A beautiful sight! Carter had just watched a Maisy video and had said I wish we had snow....Bo decided to hold off on church this morning due to some bridges being iced over. The weather channel didn't have the sun coming through until after lunch. So when Carter realized the snow was melting early he had a melt down!

Bo and I had flashbacks of Oxford snow and letting Carter outside to play in it and then him getting really sick and needing two lung we opted to bring the snow in to play! Sounds weird I know, but when do we ever do things "normal", eh?

Bo and I are expecting again.....we were not trying to nor were we wanting to be pregnant right now, good thing God knows what is best for us and not us.

With my history and it being so close to loosing Andrew, I wanted to go back to Oxford and use Dr. Hunt and his staff. We saw them Friday and much to our surprise we are pregnant with twins. Bo is still in shock and has trouble finding words and is looking for a vascectomy doctor as soon as we have 2 full term healthy babies!

Please be praying for us....this is a whole new ballgame for us and requiring a new testing of our faith in a lot of area.

I will try to update more later this week! I do not see the doctor againg until the 26th.

Lindy for The Oswalts

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