Sunday, January 18, 2009

About Lindy


So I have been trying to slowly get this thang a updated!!! LOL! I have failed to mention anything much about me.

I am currently seeing clients in Grenada one day a week. I am slowly starting to pick up clients here and there in Starkville.

I have recently learned to sew thanks to Maggie! One of the items that survived the fire was my grandmothers singer sewing machine and cabinet.

Charlene has taught me to knit(almost!) and I am blowing up the kitchen with cooking....woohoo!

I plunged the sink today I cannot add avid plumber to my list of recent accomplishments!!!

I am still wading in the homeschool waters....still wearing my full water gear and life jacket....yikes!!!

And the pastors wife I feel like I am still on the shore looking into the water going..."You want me to get in that water?" LOL! God's mercy and grace are so new to me in so many areas of my life on a daily basis. It is like you get to one point with God and realize there is a whole world of things out there that you do not even know about stepping into the wardrobe and finding Narnia!

Okay....I am off to bed...if anyone out there has some good receipes....holla!



Matthew 11:28 and Psalm 55:22

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