Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life on Self Creek

Hello! We are all doing well. Carter is so far so good tonight. He has been requiring oxygen at night....hard for Bo and I to understand his limitations. I am so glad that we have faith in God. Not sure how we would survive this ride without Him!

We had live in company for almost 4 months. The wonderful Shawa family! Four kids plus Alli during the week was quite interesting to say the least!

The Shawas have relocated to Georgia, please keep them in your prayers as they continue to heal and as God brings restoration.

Spencer will one day forgive me for the underwear in the picture!!!

Christmas was great for both families!
This pic is of the Womack Christmas. The kids provided the entertainment! The two girls are Emily Shawa and then our niece Alli Mann. Carter is in front of Spencer. Benjamin is in the old navy shirt and cousin Jordan is in the Gap shirt. Fun times!!!
Currently we are attempting to get our house in order and all of our fire boxes finally unpacked. You would think that a fire is a one time thing....but it is is the gift that keeps on giving. Giving ruined material things and memories of your life covered in black soot!!!
I finally unpacked the last fire box. I still have some things airing out that we are trying to save. Bo and I both smell smoke less often now then right after the fire. It is amazing what your mind can do to your senses.
Bo and I are also both saddened by the loss of our bedroom furniture...yes we lost lots of things but that was our first big purchase together and we bought the furniture with the intent to have it it is in storage still stinking and still really melted in places! :(
Okay....I have taken up enought time...will post again later....

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