Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catching Up


Life here besides the Carter diagnosis....has been busy!!! The twins are such an incredible blessing!!! The older boys have adjusted very well to the transaction of babies. Carter has become a little more bossy and demanding and Spencer has developed the ability to bounce off of walls...but overall things have gone smoothly.

I have recovered well. I am blessed with good surgery doesn't phase me nor does it have me still for long. Bo is doing well. He is adjusting to less sleep then we are normally used learning to take naps has come in handy.

Church life is going great. We are very thankful to be in our church and in this community. I am hoping to be able to do another ladies bible study in the Spring. Bo is knocking through the books of Hebrews and Ezra right now...good stuff...God is amazing.

Homeschool is slowly getting started back again. Carter is as always all go. Spencer is hesitant this time around....doesn't think it is necessary...we are working through it!!!

Bo and I are going to our first Ole Miss football game together since....I don't know before kids! I vaguely remember watching Eli trip over his feet when I was pregnant with Carter...not sure I have made a game since then! We have never been to a TN game so this will be fun for us both!

All four kiddos will be hanging with Nanna and Mommamack. The older boys can fend for themselves and there will be a baby for each adult!

I am not going to make any promises on how much I hope to come here more and update...all I can do is say stay tuned...there will be an update in the future!!!

Hope you all have a blessed rest of the week and weekend!!!


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