Sunday, September 5, 2010

Da Twins

So, the babies: today they are eleven months old. Wow. It is hard to believe that they have been with us for just eleven months. For so long it was just the four of us. We lost Ethan and Andrew and all had about given up hope that we would ever be more than the four of us. Landon and Isabella complete us in so many ways. It is like they are what we have been missing all of this time!

Landon is the sweetest baby you could ever be around. He is huge and solid from his head to his big ole feet. He is mostly happy but screams when he feels he could use more food. He is the only one of the four to have my dimples. He can light up a room with those things! He is finally getting some hair. It is ever so blonde and so very straight. I keep hoping it stands straight up…that would be fun! He weighed in a few weeks ago at 23 pounds. He is a big boy! He is wearing some 24 month clothing. There have been a few things that I am certain Spencer wore walking that Landon is in now! He will be caught up with Carter in no time at all. He loves to eat and laugh. Keep him doing those two things and you are good to go!

Isabella is our littlegirl. That is a small sentence to capture what all that really means. She looks the most like me which doesn’t mean a lot with these clones of Bo Oswalt! She acts the most like me as well! She has this way of looking at her daddy that says she knows he will be the one to conquer in getting her way! The older boys call her princess and she lives up to this with her dancing and holding her hands up in a pageant wave! She is constantly on the go and has a mission ahead of her at all times! She is new for me. I have enjoyed being Mommy to these boys and the special bond we share, but I am so thankful that I have a little ball of estrogen to nurture and love and bond with! I am planning our first girls beach trip constantly in my head! She is only around 20 pounds. Her hair is brown like mine(well my natural color anyway!). She is short and stocky in her features like her mom. Her hair is long but she has a certain disdain for hair bows. She mostly takes them off and gives them to Landon to chew on!

I will work on getting some more about them soon!


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